Get Fruits & Vegetables Online in 2 Hours

Get Fruits & Vegetables Online in 2 Hours

Have you ever been so busy that you forgot to buy groceries and had to face the wrath of missus or mom? Happens to the best of us. Sometimes, we are too busy in our work or other responsibilities to remember. Thanks to the modern world of Internet based delivery services, we can breathe easy on this front. Nagpur has seen a couple of grocery and essentials delivery services delivering these to the people but then there are issues regarding the timing of delivery and also regarding the range of items delivered. With perishables such as vegetables and fruits these issues compound.

There have been cases where items near expiry have been delivered. Moreover, the timing of delivery is also a genuine concern as many services tend to deliver at their comfort. Concerning all these issues of quality, comfort, and service there was a need for a service that catered to these, and there came


Kifayat Online is an online supermarket in Nagpur dedicated to serving Nagpur customers in all the arenas they faced discomfort. The goal of KIFAYAT ONLINE is to serve customers with quality and comfort with privacy, security, and ease of mind. is an online website that serves customers who want goods delivered within set hours with security of mind regarding the delivery time and quality of goods.


Kifayat Online delivers fruits, vegetables & groceries to any location in Nagpur within the stipulated chosen time frame along with the security of goods quality. Just go to and put your orders in and within 2 hours see your goods getting delivered with the ease of payment options which could be online as well as offline and with the security of quality in a range of products be it perishable goods such as vegetables or fruits or daily use items or personal care items or grains and oils. You can order a plethora of items within the comfort of your home or office and see getting the items delivered real time with full mental satisfaction.


Kifayatonline takes care of your vegetable, fruits, grocery, personal care items, confectionery goods, and several other needs. Visit and see your need to visit the local supermarket disappear. They tend to serve and generate organic satisfaction. They deliver within 2 hours and you can choose your preferred time slot and payment options. They are flexible in ‘on the side requests’. You may contact them for the same. They are easily accessible and beneficial. Kifayat Online is the only choice that goes to whatever ends needed to make you feel special and preferred. To top that experience all of their products are below MRP and they offer amazing discounts and coupons as well as competition to avail unbelievable rates that no other supermarket can compete with.


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