Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji


1/2 Cup Capsicum, chopped

1/2 Cup Beetroot, chopped

1 Cup Potatoes, chopped

1/2 Cup Lauki, chopped

1 tsp Ginger-Garlic paste

1 Cup Onion, chopped

4 cubes Large Butter, finely chopped

1 tsp Oil

2 tsp Salt

1 Bunch Coriander leaves

1 cube To taste Butter

1/2 Cup Tomato puree

1 tsp Red chili powder

3 tsp Pav Bhaji Masala

1 tsp Chili powder

For Pav:

Pav Bhaji masala


Pav Bhaji

How to make Pav Bhaji:

1.Take a pan, heat oil in it and add butter and onion in it.

2.Saute it till it turns golden brown, then add ginger garlic paste and mix it properly.

3.Now add the lauki, coriander, mix it well then add potatoes, mash it and mix it well.

4.Once done add beetroot, chilli powder, salt, pav bhaji masala and mix it properly.

5.Add the tomato puree, mix it thoroughly then add butter, coriander leaves and mix it properly.

6.Cut the pav in between, spread the butter all over it and sprinkle pav bhaji masala on it.

7.Heat a pan, toast the pav on it till it turns golden brown.

8.Pav bhaji is ready. Serve it hot with lemon, green chilli and chopped onion.

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