What are the cheapest Vegetables?

What are the cheapest Vegetables?

Sometimes buying vegetables and fruits can seem expensive for our families to eat. We often hear that, “I would come on road if I buy all the vegetables that are recommended to me by the doctors.” As per the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Indians, an individual on a 2,000-calorie diet needs 2 cups of leafy foods cups of vegetables each day or 17½ cups of vegetables and 14 cups of organic product consistently. Although most new leafy foods are accessible all year, some are more affordable when they are in season. Likewise remember that all types of fruits and vegetables are nutritious, so canned and frozen goods are well. Who doesn’t want to buy fresh and organic vegetables at its cheapest price? Obviously, everyone would love that. Most of the fruits and vegetables are so expensive that even if we wish to eat certain vegetable, we would not buy it because of its high price. So, to enjoy the benefit of low prices, shop with Kifayat online and buy fresh and cheap vegetables with us.

Kifayat online serves you best and organic vegetables which are directly handpicked from the farm and are delivered to you with utmost safety. We have wide range of fruits, vegetables as well as exotic vegetables. Shopping with kifayat online is so simple that people of any age group can use it easily. All you have to do is enter you Pin code and register with your mobile number and start shopping. Along with fresh fruits and vegetables we also have day to day grocery products. Kifayat online have more that 15000+ products and more than 10000 customers in Nagpur. We serve in almost every corner of Nagpur and have happy customers around the city. Our online store has fresh vegetables which includes Onion, Potato, Tomato, Cauliflower, Carrot, spinach, etc. and you can easily compare prices with other apps and website and see the difference in prices of these vegetables. We have fruits which include Banana, Pomegranate, Grapes, Chickoo, Apple, Pineapple, etc. all fruits are also at its cheapest price. Sometimes we crave for exotic vegetables like Capsicum, Sweet corn, Broccoli is something which has several health benefits like it is a good source of fiber and protein and is generally preferred by healthy eaters. You can get this veggie at the price of 30/- per 250gms. Another exotic vegetable that you can get at a lowest price at our online store is Mushrooms. Mushrooms are rich in nutrients and have nutrients which supports our immune system and can boost our brain and bone health. you can save upto 40-50% and buy this veggie at the lowest price if you choose to shop from your only Kifayat online.

Choose kifayat online and enjoy the lowest online shopping of fresh fruits and vegetables with us. We deliver you organic vegetables and our delivery of orders are on time. Our app is easy to use as well has various payment options. We convey your quality products and make our customer happy with our services.

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