10 best household cleaning products you’ll ever need

10 best household cleaning products you’ll ever need

It’s time to wipe up dirt and stains from every nick and nook of your house and clear it
quite well with these superb household cleaning products.
We all dread the uphill task of cleaning the items in our house and what makes this process
more dreadful is the lack of finding good products. Because the hard work we do to scrub off the
oily and sticky scum from the kitchen tops, the stains from the carpet and the dirt trails on the
windows, appliances, and furniture, etc. takes a lot amount of time and energy too. At such time,
quality household cleaning products come to our rescue as they make this tedious process
quite simple for us. Therefore, we present you 10 best household cleaning products which will
become your helping hand in this process and will help you to make your home clean and mess-free for sure.

  1. Lizol Disinfectant Surface & Floor Cleaner– This is a highly recommended floor
    cleaner by the IMA. It kills up to 99% germs and also gives 10 times better cleaning and
    germ protection than phenyl or any other regular detergent.
  2. Dettol Kitchen Gel– This is a product which can be used on multiple surfaces and it
    also leaves a fresh lime smell after the cleaning which means sparkling utensils and
    surfaces with a pleasant fragrance. Not only does it cleans it but also helps in
    disinfection and can be safely used on kitchen slab, basin, and utensils for overall
    kitchen hygiene.
  3. Harpic 10/10 Power Cleaning– The product is India’s no 1 toilet cleaner which cleans
    10 types of toilet stains including yellow stains, rust stains, hard water stains, fecal stains, etc. Along with removing stains, it clears up the odor with a floral smell to make your toilet
    perfectly clean and pleasant.
  4. Cif Multipurpose Cleaner, Actifizz Ocean– This product guarantees efficient and
    quick removal of dirt, dust, grime from glass windows, shelves, surfaces and also leaves a
    soothing refreshing ocean scent which enlivens home.
  5. Colin Glass Cleaner– Equipped with the power of shine boosters it shows 2 times
    better results than other regular products. It can be used against across the surfaces of
    glass and other shiny surfaces like fridge, oven, microwave, television, furniture, kitchen
    cabinets, etc.
  6.  Mr. Muscle Max Gel Unblocker– This quick action gel unblocker sticks, penetrates and
    dissolves. It opens blocked drain pipes and clears them with ease along with clogged
  7. Clecide Carpet and Fabric Upholstery Cleaner– This product is a boon for the people
    who want to get rid of poop or urine stains of their pets or oil stains from the carpet. This
    spray diminishes carpet stain and dirt with its foam base.
  8. Mr. Muscle Kitchen Cleaner– Beats tough grease stains and cleans up multiple kitchen
    surfaces with giving a fresh smell.
  9. Harpic Toilet Cleaner Flushmatic – It is a drop-in-tank product for the cistern. Every time
    you flush the toilet, it creates strong foam every time you flush. It not only cleans and
    disinfects the toilet bowl but maintains hygiene by preventing the buildup of stains and
    keeping the toilet continuously clean.
  10. Dettol Disinfectant Liquid Multipurpose Liquid– This World’s most trusted antiseptic brand
    provides you a disinfectant hygiene liquid shielding you from the disease-causing germs.

This product is perfect for maintaining your own personal hygiene with that of the home.
And the best part is, it is a multipurpose product!

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