Ambedi Mahi Tikka

Ambedi Mahi Tikka


200 gm yogurt

800 gm (40 gm x 5 pcs) fish Sole cubes

50 gm cream

15 gm ginger

5 gm green chilli

25 gm coriander paste

100 gm raw mango

2 gm butter

1 gm salt

3 gm kasoori methi / fenugreek seeds

3 gm black pepper

3 gm jeera powder

8 gm raw mango powder or amchoor powder

25 gm mint chutney

3 gm garam masala

Banana leaf

25 ml refined oil

5 gm garlic



1.Wash the fish and squeeze the excess moisture.

2.Now marinate the fish garlic, ginger paste and salt.

3.Take a mixing bowl and add yogurt, raw mango paste and all the powdered spices and mix it properly.

  1. Check the marination seasoning and put the first batch of fish in the marination.

5.Keep the fish for marination for 6 hours.

6.Put the fish in the skewers and cook it in the tandoor.

7.Once it is done, season it with chat masala and lemon juice.

8.Serve it hot with fresh mint chutney.Ambedi Mahi Tikka

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