Karri Murg Tikka

Karri Murg Tikka


180 gm Chicken leg (boneless)

100 gm Curd

20 gm Coriander

15 gm Mint

1 Nos Egg

20 gm Besan

10 gm Lemon

5 gm Jeera powder

2 gm Garam masala

5 gm Turmeric powder

5 gm Salt

8 gm Green chilli

10 gm  Garlic

10 gm Ginger

100 gm  Raw mango

Karri Murg Tikka


1.Boil the mangoes and make puree from it.

2.Marinate the chicken by mixing all the ingredients and add the chicken into it.

3.Let the chicken marinate for the whole night.

4.Now take a skewer and arrange the marinated chicken and cook the chicken in the tandoor.

5.Once it is ready serve it hot.

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