Paani Poori

Paani Poori



8 Cups Water

1 tsp Chilli powder

1 Tbsp Salt

2 Tbsp Cumin seeds (powdered), roasted

6-7 Green chillies

75 Gram Coriander leaves (ground together)

2 Cups Mint leaves (firmly packed)

1 Cup Sonth chutney

For Sonth ki Chutney:

3/4 Cup Jaggery (broken)

100 Gram Tamarind (soaked in warm water for half an hour at least)

1 tsp Chaat masala

1/4 tsp Chilli powder

1/4 tsp Black pepper, powdered

1 tsp Dry ginger, powdered

1/2 tsp Garam masala

1 tsp Black rock salt, powdered

2 tsp Salt

For Pani puri:

Paani poori ka paani

24 Puffed papri

1 Cup Chick peas, boiled

1 Cup Potatoes (diced), boiled

Paani Poori



1.Take mint leaves, green chillies, coriander leaves and grind them all to make a paste.

2.Mix  all the ingredients of paani together along with the paste, mix it properly and serve it chilled.


Sonth ki Chutney:

1.Through a strainer, strain the tamarind by adding some water to facilitate this.

2.Add required amount of water to the pulp till it gives pouring consistency.

3.Now take the rest of the ingredients, mix them properly and allow it to boil on a lower heat.

4.Stir it occasionally and let it simmer till it becomes thick.


For Eating:

1.In the center of the thinner side of the puri make a hole, put potato and chickpeas and sonth if desired and then fill it with paani and eat it at the same time.

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